The Introvert Entrepreneur

Proof of introversion: At a recent wedding, I crept into the empty reception area during the cocktail period and read news on my phone. July 20, 2013.

One of my companies, FrogDog, helps companies grow through strategic marketing efforts. (We have a lot of fun.)

Although I have an amazing team that’s super-savvy about marketing, I keep up on the latest research, technologies, and social media so that I can set my company’s strategic direction.

And Reddit flummoxed me. To understand the wildly popular site, I focused on its smaller forums, as the larger boards move lightning fast for a novice—or a dunce like me.

In so doing, I found a forum for introverts. As I am one, I read its threads with interest. And I heard alarm bells when I saw a query from one user asking what sort of careers he should consider, given his introversion.

Wait a minute.

Why limit your dreams and aspirations by introversion or extroversion or preference for the color blue? If you want to accomplish something—do it.

Sure, an introvert may not dream of entrepreneurship. Yet I did. In fact, I founded and currently operate two companies, with a third underway. I love my career and consider myself incredibly fortunate.

Does it mean I have to step out of my comfort zone? Absolutely. Yet shouldn’t everyone push herself in achieving an aspiration—whether personal, professional, or a combination of the two?

Does it mean I must work harder at some aspects of my vocation than an extrovert? Sure. Yet an extrovert would have to work harder at certain things that come quite naturally to me.

Dream big. Work hard. Don’t impose artificial handicaps.

What’s something you do and love that runs counter to your natural tendencies?