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work with me

Though I started this site as a means of personal expression, it has surprised me through the people, projects, and ideas it has brought into my world. Frequently, site visitors ask how we can work together. Here’s how. If you’d like to explore collaborations, contact me.


Writing & editing

Writing and editing

For corporations, I develop compelling and engaging content and shape existing content into palatable, effective forms. For publications, I produce journalism, travel and current events essays, and creative nonfiction, and I serve as a contract editor to shape and copyedit great writing for print and web.

marketing advisory services

For over two decades, I have provided advisory services to companies internationally across a wide range of industries. Companies and executives consult with me on marketing strategy and planning, from advice on marketing department structure and staffing to guidance on product pricing and market analysis and beyond.


marketing advisory services


Content strategy & management

content strategy and management

Helping publications and corporations develop content strategy and planning has turned into a beautiful confluence of the things I love to do: writing, editing, and advisory services. I can help your company or publication craft and manage the execution of an effective content strategy.




For years, companies and organizations have hired me to speak on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to leadership to storytelling to marketing basics—and beyond. I have spoken to business associations, nonprofit organizations, university students and alumni, and given keynote presentations at conferences and meetings.


collaborations & campaigns

Collaborations and campaigns

Authenticity has high importance to me. Everything on this site comes from my heart and mind. However, I will consider collaborations and campaigns with companies, brands, and organizations that align with my interests and for which I have true enthusiasm.