frequently asked questions

Can I guest post?

Very occasionally, I consider unsolicited guest posts. The content needs to fit the overall feel for this site and it shouldn’t have an overly promotional bent.

Will you feature my product or service or place?

In almost every case, I happen upon places, services, products, and experiences by chance. However, if you think I’d love your product or service, send me information about it.

will you mentor me?

I wish I had more time to mentor the amazing people who come my way. If you need help or guidance, send me a note with the specific help you seek. I’ll respond where and when I can.


Will you link to my site or content?

If the information suits the content I publish and it doesn’t overtly sell or promote something, I’ll consider it. Do note that it rarely makes sense for me to rework existing posts to add links.

how can i work with you?

I love to collaborate and work with the amazing people I’ve met through this site. For more information about the types of collaborations and projects I’ll explore, visit my Work with Me page.

how did you name this site?

Through this site, you observe me as I observe the world. (And I hope you’ll interact with me. This blog attempts to start a conversation. Join in.