About Leslie

This type of page prompts an existential crisis about who a person really is and what it means to be “about” anything.

To avoid spiraling into paralyzed self-analysis, I’ll keep it short and sweet: I am an American married to a Frenchman. Currently, we live in Switzerland. I conduct my professional life in the United States. Tough to keep straight? Tell me about it.

I read voraciously, love grandly, live purposefully, and try to think expansively. Kindness, curiousness about the world, and interest in people provide my guiding principles. Each day provides opportunity for another adventure, and I try to keep this fact front of mind.

Via this website, I share my thoughts, writings, wanderings, and experiences, all of which span topics from business to current events to emotional journeys.

And via this site, I invite interaction with you. Tell me a story. I promise I’ll listen.

Image credit:  Cathryn Farnsworth

Image credit: Cathryn Farnsworth