Always Be Hiring

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Years ago, I hired someone who said I was the only person who meant it when she promised to keep his information on file. Though I didn’t have a role that fit his interests when we originally talked, I brought him on board about a year later.

You just never know.

Every Business Needs More Superstars

Smart businesses interview without cease—and without open positions. Because if a sharp business finds someone amazing, it will always make a hire.

In a previous post, I told the tale of a staffer who had stayed in touch and reached out repeatedly for open roles, even though she didn’t have the qualifications FrogDog typically seeks. Impressed with her dedication and drive, we brought her on board.

After all, sharp, motivated people will always add more value to a company than they could ever cost it. If you find a superstar and she wants to work with you, why stop her?

Running Lean

When you run a lean team, a person who leaves creates a gaping hole.

Most employees give notice, but finding the right candidate for a role and for a company takes a long time (as it should). Having a solid set of prospects that you’ve already slightly vetted—or even a candidate or two that you planned to hire in the near future—seriously helps.

Does your company keep an eye open for good talent?