Friday Links: Reading to Get You Thinking

Assorted reading materials on my coffee table. October 11, 2014.

Assorted reading materials on my coffee table. October 11, 2014.

Let’s try something new.

I read everything I encounter: Magazines, books, packaging, direct mail. Flyers stuffed in my fence by landscapers.

Sometimes I have to consciously stop myself: “Wait. Why read the fine print about the return policies for a men’s shaving club? Quit that right now.”

Often, what I ingest and mentally masticate gets regurgitated in essay form on this site. You readers help me shape my thinking. (I love you for it, too.)

So I’ve decided to share links to the great things I’ve read over the past two weeks each Friday. I only do two Friday posts a month, so it shouldn’t overwhelm anyone—just periodically give you a resource for great reading.

Don’t worry:

I’ll spare you links to text on packaging. And the fine print on advertising. Also, I may still write whole posts about the contents of one or more of the links I post. Yet I figure good, chewy writing should get spread as far and wide as possible, even the texts that don’t prompt me to write an article in response.

And therefore, here, in list form, I’ve listed the thought-provoking things I’ve read over the last few weeks:

My biweekly list will likely get longer, as I’ll remember in future to bookmark the great reads I encounter.

What have you read recently that I should read?