How'm I Doing?

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This is the official three-month anniversary of my first real post. That's forty-seven articles.

Seems like a lot, in some ways, yet I've loved writing each post, seeing how many people read it, and getting and responding to comments. The positive response has bowled me over and made my day almost every day for a solid ninety days.

So: How am I doing?

What type of content do you enjoy the most? Personal content? Work content? What has been your favorite post to date? What’s been your least favorite? What type of article would you like to see more? What would you like to see less?

How about the length of the posts? Too long? Too short? And what about their style? Should I do more in bullets? Would you like more pictures? Or different pictures than the ones I tend to use?

And how about content you haven't yet seen? About what would you like me to write? Are there topics or subjects you'd like to me to cover? And would you like to see posts from guests? Interviews with entrepreneurs? Something else?

What do you like the most in general? And what do you like the least?

Tell me how you find out about new posts and how you read this blog. Do you check in once a week and read whatever's new? Do you subscribe via Feedly? Have you signed up to get e-mail notifications when I post a new article? Do you wait to see new posts linked on Twitter or Facebook? And would you like me to have some other way to notify you of new posts and, if so, what method would you like most?

Whew. Many questions. Here's the short of it: How can I improve? I enjoy writing these little notes to you, and I plan to keep going. How can I make new posts ones you look forward to seeing?