Last-Minute Summer Vacation Ideas

A view from the restaurant at Hermitage Bay in Antigua. August 6, 2018.

A view from the restaurant at Hermitage Bay in Antigua. August 6, 2018.

Whether you want one more getaway or you haven’t gotten away quite yet, you still have time for a summer vacation—even if only for a long weekend.

Need some quick ideas? Here are a few spots from our summer wanderings that make for great quick-getaway options:

The United States

  • New York City makes for the perfect playground for a week or a weekend (and you can reach it easily from almost anywhere, including Europe). No excuses.


  • Spend a weekend in the fairy-tale-feeling Alsace region, with a base of stay in stunning Colmar.


  • Take a hike or two in the stunning Swiss Alps, eating cheese along the way.

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Lavaux. The area’s annual Caves Ouvertes festival takes place in the early summer, yet you can hike through the region at any time of the year (they even have an app to assist you!) and you can arrange to visit the wineries at any time.

  • Spend a weekend in Geneva, where you’ll find art and culture from today back through the middle ages, including a museum of the Reformation.

  • See Lucerne, with its medieval bridges over the glittering Reuss River and its outstanding modern art museum. (Seriously. Don’t miss the art museum.)

  • Take a trip to Gruyeres, visiting the gruyère cheese factory, feasting on fondue, and touring the incredible château.

  • Get on The Chocolate Train from Montreux and visit the Callier chocolate factory in the home country of milk chocolate. At the end of the tour, you can taste as much chocolate as you like. (Who could complain?)

  • Before they dock for the winter, get to Lake Geneva to take a steamboat ride along the lakefront (and stop in Chillon Castle, no matter what else you do).

The Netherlands

The Caribbean

If you visit any of these spots, I want to hear your impressions!