Month-in-Review Highlights: June 2019

I postmortem each month shortly after it ends, reflecting on what happened in general and, more specifically, in the context of my goals. Though I don’t share all my insights here, I have made it a practice to share at least one key highlight or insight. (To read previous months’ reviews, search this site for the term “month-in-review.” For the site’s search engine, look in the upper right corner of this page. It has a magnifying glass icon next to it.)

In putting together my chronicle of the last week in June, I went through my June 2019 photo library and couldn’t believe how much had happened in one thirty-day period.

After a few quiet months early in the year, during which we got settled a bit better in Lausanne and established a more solidified life routine, we didn’t go much of anywhere interesting, do much of anything culturally engaging, see many people, or have many experiences. Frankly, I started to feel a little dissociated from the universe—not a good feeling. I thrive on experiences.

And then June came, kicked off with a visit from my mom and her husband, Pete, and then kept delivering. We filled their visit with all sorts of sights and side trips. After they left, Lausanne had a big women’s march that prompted some cultural inquiry on my end and I took a weekend day with free time to see two museums in Lausanne. The month wrapped up with a trip to Amsterdam to see family passing through the city on a five-country central European vacation.

So that you can see what I saw in reviewing my photo library, I’ve included below a few of the June 2019 images from my phone that haven’t made it to other posts (at least, not yet):

I set a goal for the year of doing at least one cultural thing per month, on average, and between January and May 2019 I grew a little concerned that I’d reach it. (A “cultural thing,” in my book, can mean visiting a local museum. Nothing fancy required.) June alone brought my average back to par—and beyond.