No More "Sorry"

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Women, stop saying you’re sorry.

You say it too often.

You probably say “Sorry, but…” before you tell someone something they don’t want to hear. Likely, you say “sorry” when asking someone to do something. If a colleague makes a request, you may even say "sorry" for not having gotten it to her earlier—as though your mind reading went on the fritz—or for giving her something other than what she wanted when she hadn't clearly stated her expectations.

Apologize for mistakes. Take accountability for flubs and inflicted wounds. Own your actions—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Doing so shows you as an evolved, mature human being—a status to which we should all aspire.

Yet don’t compromise your life, character, and authority by apologizing for speaking the truth, asking for what you need, and being true to yourself. Don’t assume responsibility for issues, problems, and facts that deserve no apology—or no apology from you, at least. Don’t fall into submission. Don’t give up your authority. You’ll only receive respect when you expect it—and when you don’t give it away.

And, truly, do you feel sorry for your wants, needs, and for who you are? Do you put fault on your shoulders for no good reason? I’d bet not. I’d hope not.

Catch yourself: How often do you say “sorry?”