The Best Moments of 2013


The crepe myrtle outside my bedroom window. December 21, 2013.

William Pora suggested I write a post at the end of year listing the best moments of 2013.

Truth: I struggled hard with the topic.

I met some amazing people this year—and strengthened a few long-term relationships. Yet I can’t really call meeting amazing people and getting closer to them “moments.” Rather, I hope we’ll together create a lot of best moments over the course of many years.

After all, I set close relationships with valued people as one of my life goals.

I flipped through my 2013 calendar. I didn’t take any trips to generate once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I didn’t meet a life-long idol. I didn’t accomplish any physical feat for the first time.

The only big moment I remembered came from my shock at finishing my first full (albeit ridiculously rough) draft of a novel-length manuscript. Then what? Start another one? (I did.)

So what does that mean that I had only one big moment in an entire twelve-month period?

And then I realized: This year, simple notices made the best moments:

  • Flowers: Walking Ramona one morning, I saw a shocking spill of deep pink flowers on a vine pouring over a neighbor’s fence.

  • Leaves: Bundled up and running after Houston’s first sustained cold snap, I noticed that the leaves on the young saplings lining the BRC Pub had turned shocking red overnight, screaming vibrancy on a grey day.

  • Belly laughs: Any of them. Not a day goes by that couldn’t use a good guffaw. If only we could easily find them!

  • Hugs: Heartfelt hugs change everything. I remember each one well. From the tight squeeze of a good friend promising it will all be okay to the spontaneously sweet knee hug of a neighbor’s young son.

  • Love: I had a few moments this year during which I realized that a handful of amazing people care deeply about me—which has meant more than I could ever express. What a gift.

Resolution for 2014? Continue finding pleasure in the small moments—while creating a few big moments of wonder in the process.

What best moments happened for you in 2013?