The Liebster Award: Part Two


In my previous post, I announced that Jenna Sauber had given me the Liebster Award, which goes to blogs that deserve more attention.


More than honored, I completed the first components of the award requirements straightaway and promised the last three components in a second post.

Here we go:

Eleven Facts about Me

  1. I don’t like ice cream.

  2. My middle name is Erin.

  3. I’ve had short hair since age fourteen.

  4. Deep water frightens me.

  5. Anything orange-flavored or citrus-scented repels me.

  6. Except when I sleep, NPR plays constantly in my home.

  7. Daily, and for at least thirty minutes, I do some form of intense exercise.

  8. My first major romantic heartbreak came at twenty-one years of age.

  9. To reach the crossword by breakfast, I read the “Arts & Leisure” section of The New York Times first.

  10. I find the taste of beef nasty.

  11. When a child, I tried to guide my parents by telling them about my long-gone adulthood. (e.g., “Mom, when I was an adult like you, I…”)

My Liebster Award Recipients

  1. William Pora

  2. Bayou City Postcards

  3. Just Keep Spinning

  4. My Own Little Dust-Pile

  5. A Life Like This…

Eleven Questions for My Liebster Awardees

  1. What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

  2. Out of all current events, which most sparks your imagination or passion? Why?

  3. If you could recommend only one activity from your last vacation, which would you choose? Why?

  4. Pick your weather poison: Bitingly cold or swelteringly muggy?

  5. Finish this sentence: “She walked up to the information desk,”

  6. What’s your favorite news source?

  7. What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

  8. If you were a cookie, what kind would you be?

  9. Name the best place you’ve lived. Why do you consider it the best?

  10. Share the recipe for the best dish you cook.

  11. What was your last simple pleasure?

What blogs would you nominate for the Liebster Award?