Things I Love: February 2014

Stick with me, guys—I haven't filled this entire entry with women's products, I promise.

RoC Retinol Correxion Face Creams

RoC Face Creams.JPG

Some people have a knack for product photography. Not me. My favorite RoC face creams. February 1, 2014.I can't remember when I why I started using the RoC Retinol Correxion line of facial moisturizers, but I've used them now for a few years. Prior to running out and life keeping me away from restocking for a few days, I wouldn't have realized how amazingly well they work: They smooth my skin, keep it looking more fresh and youthful, and eliminate under-eye circles.

Going without them for a few days highlighted exactly what my skin would look like without them—and I never plan to run out again.

Roots of Fight T-shirt

I found Roots of Fight via Mike Tyson’s Twitter feed. Yes, really.

Actually, I really wanted a retro hoodie with Tyson on it, but the site had sold them all. I went ahead and purchased a Joe Frazier t-shirt (though I’m still keeping an eye out for the return of the Tyson hoodie).

I didn’t know what to expect, not knowing much about the company. It doesn't look terribly well established from what I can tell via the Web site, though the designs displayed look pretty sweet—especially for fight fans. (Yes, "fight fans" here include MMA and kung fu aficionados, though my heart stays with classic, Marquess of Queensberry boxing.)

I’d call what I received a solid find. Coming from Canada, it took a while to arrive, but the shirt is worth the wait. The design is solid, the printing well done, and the details (hand sewn tag and “patch”) spot on. The shirt fits well to boot.

Eileen Fisher Clothing

Comfy, chic new Eileen Fisher outfit. February 1, 2014.

Comfy, chic new Eileen Fisher outfit. February 1, 2014.

I first heard of Eileen Fisher in an article by Janet Malcolm in The New Yorker, “Nobody’s Looking at You.” The article’s description of the designer’s clothing—classic yet stylish, beautifully cut yet comfortable—caught my attention.

After all, no one would call me a fashionista. And as I gain more life experience, I get less interested in wearing uncomfortable clothes.

So when I needed new pants, I headed to her section in Nordstrom and found a couple pair that fit comfortably and looked sharp. Why not try a sweater as well? Golly. The hanger didn’t do it justice (and neither does my picture).

I’ve since gone on-line, found a sale (worth waiting for if you can, as the designer has priced the clothing on the high end), and purchased a couple more pairs of pants. I have my eye on another top as well. The luscious fabrics drape beautifully and fit comfortably.

What do you love this month?