What I Think about When I Think about Blogging

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/@picography

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/@picography

Something made my day in ways that few things can: A reader wrote that she enjoys my writing.

Elaine Eugenio's blog challenges her. How can she write honestly and openly without alienating clients and professional contacts?

I know the feeling.

And she asked:

“What do YOU say to yourself in your head while you're writing? You do a fantastic job of keeping your blogs entertaining but very client-friendly at the same time. Is there something you like to ‘keep in mind’ before you hit ‘Post?’”

Fantastic question.

Although I’ve stated that my posts in no way represent the teams at my companies or reflect on my clients or professional affiliations, I can’t say whatever comes to mind.

Blogs = Public and Historical Record

This blog is a public record of who I am, what I think about, and what matters to me.

Once I’m gone from this earth—and perhaps long before—this blog will dust over. The only people who may read it will be distant descendants or historians trying to understand our time.

How do I want to be known by people who don't or can't know me in person—now and in the future?

Think Deeply

Before I started this blog, random musings rarely progressed beyond surface thoughts.

This blog became my push to think deeply.

I want to consider other perspectives. I want to understand why something happens, whether it can or should change, and, if so, how.

Empathy requires a positive angle. In considering other points of view, I broaden my understanding of the world and my respect for its complexity.

Besides, the world has enough anger and hate. Spreading negativity isn’t good for me, for my businesses, or for society.

Remember Kindness

Even when silly or ranting, I seek an upbeat tone. I’m not negative, snarky, or sarcastic in person—and I avoid that personality type—so why assume that persona here?

And hand-in-hand with positivity and empathy: I would never want someone to read something I’ve written and feel badly about himself. (This comes up plenty when friends suggest I write about my really horrid dating experiences.)

My fellow humans are doing the best I can—just like I am. Kindness makes a difference.

Do you blog? What do you keep in mind when developing topics and writing posts?