Favorite Pastimes


Given my work schedule lately, a friend suggested I take some time for a little fun. As encouragement, she asked me to list my favorite pastimes—the activities I enjoy when I have more time.

The question stumped me, I won’t lie.

Adults have less free time. Every child can tell you what she finds fun. To get ideas for what I might enjoy, I asked a few friends about their favorite pastimes—and stumped them in turn. Although I felt relief that others can’t come up with lists, either, what does it say about our society that so few of us have go-to fun?

Then, earlier this week, after a long hiatus, I sat down and wrote a blog post. Pleasure. Satisfaction. And I remembered anew: Writing can sweep me away.

What else?

  • I love long walks. In London, I had a book of city walks of varied distances and a book of day-long countryside rambles.

  • I find bliss in languid hours with a fantastic read laid out on a couch in my pajamas with my pup and a pot of hot tea—or on a blanket outdoors with light bites and a bottle of sparkling water.

  • Corralling a friend or two for a board game always makes for fun, even with the folks who claim not to enjoy them.

Clearly, I don’t fit the definition of “party animal.”

What comprise your favorite pastimes?