Guilty Pleasures

My most recent couture indulgence. June 2013.

My most recent couture indulgence. June 2013.

Somewhere recently, I saw a headline about guilty pleasures. I tried to figure what I did or bought that fell into that category. What habits did I have that, even if harmless, made me feel slightly guilty?

I didn’t come up with much.

In most cases, I feel I’ve earned the habit or purchase. (Though this may be true for most people.) Or I feel that some aspect of my life necessitates the items or behaviors. Examples:

  • Massages. Frequent intense exercise, especially running and boxing, necessitates massage to stay in condition.

  • Pajamas at homecoming. I regularly begin work before 6 a.m. So if I’m in pajamas at 6:30 p.m., the action isn’t lazy—it’s justified. (And sometimes, I’m still working at that hour—just at home in my jammies. Ahh.)

  • Beauty treatments. Regular manicures and pedicures and other beauty treatments keep me looking professional in my public persona as the CEO of a professional services firm.

  • Prepared meals. I don’t have time to dry my hair in the morning—and thank goodness I don’t like makeup. So I fail at grocery shopping regularly and cooking healthful meals. (Eating junk over the sink does not constitute a wholesome dinner.) The only way I can stay fit enough to handle my workload? Prepared meals. (Thank you, Victory Meals!)

  • Sashimi. Work requires frequent client and sales dining. So if I feast on somewhat-pricey sashimi, it’s better than other, less healthful options. Also, as these meals mean I'm working through lunch or dinner, I deserve a treat.

So “guilty pleasures” in the true sense of the term? I don’t have many.

Here’s the only list I could generate:

  • Mindless movies. I should watch only edifying material, but sometimes I need to turn off my brain. Comedies and romances help.

  • Lifestyle magazines filled with fashion and makeup and relationship tips I’ll never use provide another way to mentally check out.

  • Couture. When I absolutely love a clothing item, even when it’s overpriced, I’ll very occasionally indulge. At least I keep these items for decades.

Relatively tame, no?

What are your guilty pleasures?