Odd Lausanne: Photos (Part One)

From late August 2018 through late May 2019, I’ve taken long walks around Lausanne to get out, to get exercise, and to get insights into my new home. Other than the feeling of movement and the interpersonal interaction it provides, urban hiking allows for fantastic cultural discoveries that come even sharper to newbie eyes—and even sharper still when the newbie eyes link to a brain that doesn’t fully speak the language of the place.

As I’ve meandered through Lausanne, I’ve recalled the old French term for a person who walks around urban areas, observing society: flâneur. The word has masculine form in French; I’ll need to find a feminine variant. After all, c’est moi.

I’ll share a few photos I’ve taken of the odd, the bizarre, the wonderful, the laughable, and the shocking. I’ve seen so much more than what I’ve captured here; so many events and sights take place too quickly and in settings inappropriate for photography.

To encourage discussion, I’ll provide no narrative. For some of these photos, you’ll notice the humor or the surprise or the confusion right away. For others, it may take a moment. In yet others, you’ll want an explanation. (I did, and I’ll share what I’ve learned only if you ask.)