Common Challenges for Structuring Marketing in Corporations

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Over the past year or two, in addition to overseeing my company’s core products and services, I’ve had the opportunity to work one-on-one with senior executives—company CEOs, CSOs, and CMOs—to advise them on their companies’ marketing departments and initiatives.

Through this work, I’ve helped these senior executives create budgets for their marketing operations, develop new organizational charts for their marketing teams, develop and refine marketing job descriptions, assess marketing strategies and plans, set reasonable and measurable goals for their marketing efforts, and hire marketing staff to best suit their companies’ needs.

Only the truly confident and intelligent know when to ask for help. It’s my good fortune to have found some of these people with whom to collaborate.

I love what FrogDog does on a larger scale—helping companies determine what they need to do for marketing and helping companies execute their marketing plans—yet working closely with senior executives on an advisory basis to talk through their challenges and share the marketing expertise I’ve built over the course of a few decades has truly proved rewarding.

Also, it has proved insightful. Through talking through these executives’ marketing quandaries, I’ve discovered commonalities among organizations when it comes to understanding how to improve their companies’ marketing departments and efforts to achieve measurable results. My discoveries resulted in a recent white paper for FrogDog, which I know still only scratches the surface. Click here to read it.

And, because you never know who could use some advice: If I can help you and your company think through your marketing challenges, please contact me.