The Blog is Back

Image credit:  Cathryn Farnsworth

Image credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

Since I left off, so much has changed.

I never deleted the former blog site because, though I felt totally at a loss when I stopped writing, I wanted to come back at some point. I just needed to evaluate how, why, and what I wanted to achieve when I did.

I don’t know for sure even still, yet I have a few ideas.

Though many readers will come to this site without any knowledge of the old site or any way of knowing that a few things have changed since I left off, returning readers may feel a bit lost without a few quick updates.

I considered archiving the old content off the web onto a personal drive in case I wanted to reminisce at some point, yet I believe the old posts have value and interest still and I plan to revisit a few previous perspectives in new posts. Therefore, the old content stands.

A Quick Site History

If you’ve stumbled upon this site in its current iteration, you’ll notice a couple of gaps in its timeline. The largest gap started in November 2016 and lasted until the post you read now.

Gaps aside, I started this blog (in its previous form) in May 2012.

When I left off in November 2016, I had just over four months left as a single woman and less than two years left as a full-time resident of Houston, Texas—although I didn’t know either of these facts then. I had two companies: One that owned and operated a commercial property in central Houston and another that performed marketing consulting and services.

Updates for Returning Readers

For the details, I’ll let my future posts here serve. To give you a head start, here are the broad-strokes updates:

In addition to the formatting change, this site’s content will evolve a bit. I’ll continue to write essays about current culture and events, from the political to the business sphere and beyond, and I’ll add in more personal content. The new blog will have more diary-style entries and posts about my travel and expat adventures. And it will evolve from there.

One thing I’ve kept in the new layout: Comments. I thrive on them. In starting a blog, I’d always had discussion as a goal and a reward. Please say hello. I’ve missed everyone.