Things I Love: July 2014

I started this monthly “things I love” blog thread in July 2013—one year ago. Each month, looking back on the things that make my life more enjoyable has proved an exercise in mindfulness and appreciation.

Yet this series hasn’t covered many of the services I love, though I appreciate services more than goods. (Of course, I value people most of all, but that would make for an odd post series. I’ve considered doing interviews, though. Thoughts?)

This post rectifies the services gap.

Note: Though the services covered here happen in Houston-area locales, I have little doubt that readers elsewhere on the planet can find local corollaries.

Midtown Reflexology

I’ve had friends rave about Midtown Reflexology and I’ve always wanted to give it a try. Even if it didn’t relax me as fully as a traditional massage, a one-hour rub-down for $40 sounded pretty darn fantastic. I figure that just as you rarely encounter truly inedible pizza, you rarely encounter a truly awful foot rub.

An appreciation gift certificate from a friend got me in the door. The receptionist led me to a line of reclining chairs behind the entrance-desk screen and guided my feet into warm water. The clean, neat space features dimmed lights and smells fresh and lemongrass-y. All good.

Next: Heaven.

I didn’t expect to zone out, but I did. That space I find only in a massage, where I don’t quite sleep but I lose myself completely? Found it.

Bliss Day Spa Manicures and Pedicures


I used to get occasional manicures and pedicures as treats at any convenient nail spot in town. Bliss Day Spa changed that.

Bliss has a calming atmosphere with lots of light from multiple windows, spacing and walls that keep down noise, no televisions, and soothing music. Further, the technicians—who do high-quality work—focus on their clients during each appointment, rather than on chatting with each other. And when you walk in, the manager welcomes and greets you and offers a variety of drinks.

How easy to get spoiled and want to return regularly—and to never want to go anywhere else.

The Wax Spot


Sure, we can all pluck and shave and tweeze, but visiting The Wax Spot far more easily and pleasantly cleans up unwanted strays and tidies hairlines.

Centrally located in a Heights bungalow, the salon has a relaxed, low-key feel that equally welcomes men and women. Each room has a set that plays comedy-show DVDs and the staff keeps the entire experience—let’s face it, no one considers getting waxed fun—as light as possible.

Even better, because the team truly focuses on waxing, rather than offering it as a side service to something else, The Wax Spot knows its stuff. Not only do their techniques minimize the “ouch” factor, the technicians use multiple different types of wax tailored to different types of skin.

What do you love this month?