Things I Love: June 2014

I’ve loved services more than products and places this month, but I’ve had occasion to feel very thankful for a few things (and one very nonthing):

Readers of this Blog

I need a picture of you for this slot.

Though far from a “thing,” I can’t begin to express my excitement and gratitude for the people who read this blog. I created this site to have a space to write about topics I had on my mind and with the hope of creating dialogue.

For me to realize this goal, I need you. When you stop in, read my thoughts, respond on social media or in person, and even take an extra minute to leave a comment in the section at the bottom of each post, you give me an invaluable gift.

Tiff’s Treats


My biggest vice: Baked goodies. My most dangerous food temptation: Cookies. (Do you realize how often cookies appear in this blog? Type the word “cookies” into the search box at right.)

My cookie connoisseurship qualifies me to say that Tiff’s Treats makes some scrumptiously good cookies. (Try the peanut butter chocolate chip.) And though I wouldn’t compound my indulgence by having cookies delivered to my home or office, Tiff’s Treats does deliver within certain geographic areas—making for a perfect birthday, get-well, thinking-of-you, or congratulations gift. (After all, sending flowers gets a little tired after a while—and I feel comfortable giving anyone cookies.)

Even better: Tiff’s Treats warms its cookies right before delivery and you can add a cold pint of vanilla ice cream to the order.

Victory Meals [Now Closed]


Victory Meals waiting for me on my front porch. January 2013.

Cookies aside, I prefer clean, healthful food the vast majority of the time. Yet cooking for one bores me, leftovers get tiresome, and no one would call me a chef: A person can only eat broiled chicken and steamed broccoli so many evenings a week.

Enter Victory Meals, which I discovered over a year and a half ago and have mentioned on this blog before. Fresh, healthful, clean food—mouthwateringly delicious—arrives on my doorstep each evening for the day ahead. Typically, I prefer Victory Meals’s offerings to restaurant dining.

Even after all this time, I haven’t taken it for granted. And after these past few hectic weeks, I’ve grown even more acutely grateful. Without Victory Meals, who knows how awfully I’d have eaten.

What do you love this month?