Things I Love: May 2014

Long, languid, lustrous days that go on forever: Summer has arrived in Houston.

Perfect Core Legging from Lucy


Though clothiers far and wide push low-rise pants for women, I don’t like hiking up my bottoms at the gym—or risking possibly flashing someone as I do an already-ridiculous-looking burpee. Hence my search for workout pants that I can wear to the gym that won’t cause over-exposure, discomfort, or general ugliness.

Lucy to the rescue.

I’ve tended to prefer Lucy’s casual wear over its workout gear, but lately they've offered more of the latter. Lucy’s Perfect Core Leggings fit comfortably, feel reasonably cool for leggings (after all, I live in Houston), and nicely slim the core while rising high enough to prevent muffin-tops and half-moons.

Mephisto Helen Sandals


I’ve worn the same style of Mephisto sandals for well over a decade. I go through about a pair a year. And each summer, when it gets warm enough to transition to sandals again, I remember anew why I love them.

Mephisto makes the most comfortable walking shoes on the planet.

I have Mephisto hiking boots as well—two pair. I can trek longer and farther in Mephisto shoes than I have in any other footwear. And everyone I’ve recommended or given them to raves and returns for another pair. I bought my grandfather, who had problems with his feet due to diabetes, a pair of men's shoes one holiday and he never wore anything else for the rest of his life. My father asks for a new set of Mephisto shoes—walking, golf, tennis shoe—every year for either his birthday or Christmas.

Three Brothers Bakery


If you don’t live in Houston, I have two words for you:

So sorry.

A location for Houston’s Three Brothers Bakery opened on Washington Avenue smack dab between where I live and work. My ‘hood hasn’t had any retail bakeries in recent times, necessitating a drive when I needed to buy hostess gifts for dinners and parties, birthday cakes and cupcakes for my staff, or treats for customers and prospects.

So the new bakery made for a happy Leslie, indeed. After all, I figured, the neighborhood needed such an amenity.

Or so I believed before I stopped in to sample the fare. In fact, the neighborhood may not need such an amenity. Or, rather, Leslie may not. If I’m not careful, I’ll outgrow my house. Three Brothers’ cakes, cookies, bagels, coffee cakes, and you-name-it taste even better than they look.


What do you love this month?