Topics I Won’t Cover (on this Blog, Anyway)

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Some bloggers—and writers—have a devil-may-care attitude about what they write. Burn the bridges. Crush all qualms. Take no prisoners.

Without question, blogging with no boundaries will garner attention. Controversy always does. And if you bar no holds, you have fewer limits on topics. Ah, the posts I’ve wished to write.

Though controversy for controversy’s sake irritates me, I have no doubt I could stir some drama if I wrote about absolutely anything that came to mind.

Yet I won’t. Not here. At least, not now.

My Personal Politics

I’ve covered my befuddlement about the election process in the United States, from my surprise at the people who’ve indicated indecision after over a year of political haranguing or what today’s politicians have forgotten about the 2008 election. And I haven’t shied away from proclaiming my feminism, which some people see as a political stance.

Yet I won’t cover my personal political beliefs here, though careful readers may develop educated guesses based on my opinions on certain subjects.


Due to lack of practice when it comes to intellectual conversations, most political discussions devolve into irrational screaming. Further, the anonymity of the Internet can lead to hateful, caustic political tirades. The comments people make on-line I’d certainly hope they would never make in person, looking someone in the eye.

My Beliefs on Religion

As with politics, people can rarely reasonably debate religious beliefs.

Further, if people disagree with your stance—and given the varieties of religious experience (hat tip to William James right there), a number of people will disagree with your stance—a significant subset will jump to convert you. Or explain the wrongness of your beliefs. Probably both. You’ll hear counter beliefs the likes of which you’d never imagined.

Many people will turn you into a personal crusade, feeling divinely charged to change your mind.

Further, given the collective nature of religion, people with beliefs that differ from yours can garner likeminded believers to press the same suit, which means your post has invited an endless onslaught of fervent, often unreasonable religious argument.

No thanks.

Hurtful or Embarrassing Stories

Our world suffers from a shortage of kindness. I may have a fantastic tale or a poignant lesson learned, but if writing about it will hurt or embarrass someone, I’d rather not tell it here. Not unless I can feel confident that I’d obscured his or her identity.

And maybe not even then.

Perhaps someday, amid different life circumstances, I will cover these topics without restraint. As for today, I have employees, clients, prospective clients, business partners, family members, and friends and personal contacts I’d rather not upset.

I never misrepresent my beliefs or stances if occasion arises to discuss them in conversation. In-person dialogue allows me to better ensure my opinions don’t engender controversy and helps me avoid the impression of judging people who disagree. And in conversation, I can ensure that relating a story doesn’t hurt anyone by culling the people to whom I divulge it—and changing how I tell it.

What do you think?

What else should I consider “off limits?” Or should I never deem a topic off limits?