Dumping On-line Dating for The New York Times


The New York Times, freshly unwrapped on my kitchen counter. August 2013.

At the end of another foray into on-line dating, I cancelled my account.

After all, subscription dating services aren’t cheap. (Note to people weighing options: I found the quality of paid and free dating services equal.) And it didn’t work for me.

I figure I’ll find someone in the normal course of life and activities—which I’ll have more time to undertake now that I’m not meeting strangers for coffee. And if I don’t meet anyone, well, singlehood feels pretty sweet most of the time.

Canceling my subscription brought a wave of relief.

And then: The same weekend I dumped on-line dating, I received a subscription offer from The New York Times.

I’ve gotten these offers for months—nay, years. I never wanted to spend the money, though I sure do love the Times.

Yet hold up.

The monthly cost for a full subscription to The New York Times, including the print and electronic versions, is about the same as the cost of on-line dating subscriptions.

Well, hello there.

Consider me a subscriber!

Every morning, I have a lush blue-plastic-wrapped packet waiting on my front sidewalk, filled with fantastic journalism on myriad topics of wide and varied interest, from in-depth world news to travel updates, insightful business articles, fashion and home and lifestyle pieces, and book reviews and author profiles. And crosswords, too!

The New York Times is a spoil of riches, more than I ever could have expected before I signed up. I made a good deal with myself.

What made your last great trade?