Things I Love: August 2013


Last month, I started a series on products and services I love in the moment, in the vein of Fast Company’s front-of-book sidebar asking the question of business executives. (Read the earlier post for context.)

Here’s my latest list, inspired by outdoor activity in the Houston summer heat:

Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen

I dislike sunscreen. I use it, because as an active, outdoorsy type, I must. Yet often I still burn while I endure the greasy, stinky, sticky glop I’ve smeared on my skin.

So I purchased Aveeno’s Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen with no high hopes.

Color me surprised. It doesn’t smell. It rubs in like finer lotions, which leave no greasy residue. And it doesn’t make my skin sticky. Even better: When I sweat, it doesn’t sting my eyes or taste nasty.

Bondi Band Headbands

Short hair means I need headbands to keep back sweaty strands.

At some point, I saw someone in a Bondi Band headband. It looked perfect: lightweight, wide enough to keep locks from flopping over the band into my face, and sweat absorptive.

My initial impression? Spot on. Today I have a wide variety of colors and wear one for each workout. (A previous post showed a Bondi Band in action.)


under armour athletic gear

A year ago, I bought a tank top at my alma mater. I loved its fit, wicking ability, and feel so much that I logged onto the Under Armour Web site and bought a few.

Then I needed to replace tattered running shorts. Given how much I love the tank tops, I ordered some from Under Armour. As with the tank tops, I went back for more. The shorts feel feather-light, don’t restrict movement, and flatter without being too short or tight.

Next, Brooks discontinued my running shoes. Shortly after I got the news, Under Armour sent an e-mail about its new Speedform shoe. A couple intriguing reviews later, I purchased a pair. I’ve never run faster—and they feel like slippers.

I’ve since gone back for socks and sports bras.

What do you love right now?