Worthless Reading

Barnes and Noble bookstore lobby. Houston. August 16, 2013.

Barnes and Noble bookstore lobby. Houston. August 16, 2013.

Recently, I wrote about trashy books I’ve loved. Also, I recently asked the Twitterverse whether I should keep reading a really awfully written tome.

Everyone with whom I’ve spoken has at least a couple books they define equally as fun and throwaway reads. (And everyone recommended I ditch the tedious text.)

Question: Is there worthless reading?

As a writer, I consider all writing valuable. Even bad writing. For writers, fun fiction shows how to craft an enjoyable read. Terribly written text teaches what not to do.

The idea that writers should read absolutely everything—and voraciously—rings true.

But what about nonwriter readers?

Should people who don’t write read only quality literature and journalism? Of course not. We all need brainless entertainment.

However, a literary diet of nothing but fluff can’t possibly prove the best use of a person’s time or intellectual resources. Seems to me that all readers should undertake the challenge of more edifying reads.

Thoughts? Is there worthless reading?