Robot Diet Helper

A company called Intuitive Automata has created a robot it’s named Autom.

Autom sits on your kitchen or bathroom counter with its uncanny, oversized, slowly blinking humanesque eyes and talks to you about whether you’re on track with your diet and exercise.

How long did you exercise today? What kind of fitness activity did you do? Have you eaten as you should have?

The company touts that no two conversations with Autom are the same and that she adapts, tailors her advice to your tendencies, and builds a supportive relationship with you.

Unsettling, no?

Is it creepy to have a little creature lurking on your counter, poised to pop to life and question you about whether you’re doing what you should and to guilt you if you’re not? To ask highly personal questions and collect data on your answers?

This sounds far worse than a bathroom scale leering at you as you exit the shower. Is it good to obsess about food and exercise so much?

And what other robots will someday sit around our houses to nag us about other things? Will there be a personal and household hygiene robot? A fix-your-marriage robot? A homework robot? A professional-goals robot? (In fact, these machines may already exist, for all I know.)

I'll stick with my human accountability partners.

Would you use a product like Autom?